Starbucks’ First US ‘Signing Store’

Starbucks’ First US Signing Store To Serve Deaf Customers

Due to open in Washington DC this October, Starbucks’ First US ‘Signing Store’ will offer a customized store format that facilitates accessibility and employment for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. All 20-25 staff will also be fluent in American Sign Language. Enjoy this video to learn more about the first Signing Store […]
First Deaf Character Lauren Ridloff To Join The Walking Dead Season 9

First Deaf Character Lauren Ridloff To Join The Walking Dead Season 9

Something WOW to announce! Tony nominee Lauren Ridloff will be the first deaf actress to be officially casted in the upcoming Season 9 of “The Walking Dead” as a character who uses her senses to read people, situations and trouble. Catch Lauren Ridloff’s previous achievements in the theatre world. Follow Deaf Singapore Lah for updates […]
Can Deaf Community Be Represented in Media & Hollywood

Can Deaf Community Be Represented in Media & Hollywood?

Do you know that Hollywood has been known to produce films that did not depict Deaf people correctly due to a lack of Deaf awareness? However, the model, actor & producer Nyle DiMarco took a big OPPORTUNITY to change that stigma and also shared what people should know about those with disabilities and how much […]
Eminem’s Super Sonic Speed ASL Interpreter Went Viral

Eminem’s Super Sonic Speed ASL Interpreter Went Viral

Wow, look at Eminem’s so-animated and breathtaking ASL interpreter on stage for the deaf at the Firefly Music Festival 2018! The way she translates the song into sign language is too superb! Follow Deaf Singapore Lah for updates in deaf community:

Deaf Overwatch League Fan To Display Unique Signs For Each Character

Usually, many deaf gaming fans might not understand anything on video game live streaming produced by hearing communities. But here goes a deaf Overwatch fan who shook up gaming communities with a big surprise! He is Danik Soudakoff and shared his gaming experience as part of the live audience and demonstrated the signs of some […]

Helen Keller’s Remarkable Story: How Did She Learn To Speak?

Without Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller won’t be able to learn how to speak. But who is Anne Sullivan? The amazing relationship between Sullivan & Keller surpassed beyond pupil and teacher. Sullivan used her special abilities to open up the world for Keller. Not only this, she trained her to learn how to read, write and […]

Deaf Winemaker’s Passion For Wine At Stonehouse Wines

It is so cool for the deaf to be a winemaker and making wine is so fun! Teisha Sauve, with a love for wine, got this great job with help of the Sault Community Career Centre and the Canadian Hearing Society. Check out this video on her and her awesome boss who hired her without […]