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The Deaf Can Teach You To Listen Better

The deaf can teach you to listen better

Hush, to me, is a blend of silence, inclusiveness and connection. It has shown me another way that the deaf community can offer something to society: through silence. Silence, which can be a barrier to a deaf person’s integration into the society, can now be used as a common platform for both hearing and non-hearing […]
The Panic Room SG Review: Modern Pompadour Haircut

The Panic Room SG Review: Modern Pompadour Haircut

Adrian is eagerly curious to check out The Panic Room SG and wants to share an unique experience with this mysterious barber shop. Find out what is so special about this barber shop. Please drop any comments if you have any questions about The Panic Room. Do excuse us if we might not be able […]
A Journey Of An Independent Deaf Artist Mimi Ng

A Journey Of An Independent Deaf Artist Mimi Ng

Mimi Ng, an independent deaf artist shares with us about her passion working in this arts & crafts trade which can be felt deeply. And the most awesome thing about her is her big heart for the deaf. Find out more about her. Mimi Ng Facebook: Follow Deaf Singapore Lah for updates in deaf […]
Singapore’s Deaf Horticulturist: Alan’s Story

Singapore’s Deaf Horticulturist: Alan Wong’s Story

Singapore’s Deaf Horticulturist Alan Wong, who nurtures plants with full of passion at NYEE PHOE Group (An old-established landscape architecture firm), shares his knowledge on plants with us. Come and join to watch the video on Alan’s powerful superhuman knowledge about names and interesting properties of plants. Address: 240 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718898 Tel: […]