Sands For Singapore To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2017 With Deaf Community

Sands for Singapore has been working closely with Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) since 2013, and organised multiple activities from 12 – 13 May 2017 to raise awareness on deafness.

As the rest of Singapore celebrated Mother’s Day, Sands for Singapore and SADeaf took the opportunity to show appreciation for a special group of mothers who are hard of hearing. SADeaf launched “Mommy, Can You Hear Me?”, a children’s book written by Ms. Grace Phua who grew up with deaf parents. The book sheds light on her experience as a child of deaf adults and was launched with the support of Marina Bay Sands. 500 copies will be distributed to libraries, childcare centres and kindergartens in Singapore.

280 Team Member volunteers participated in the book launch, learnt simple sign language and contributed more than 840 hours to partner SADeaf beneficiaries to paint tote bags. The tote bags were then personally delivered to mothers at AWWA, Star Shelter, HCSA Community Services and Lion’s Home for the Elders!

Credits to Marina Bay Sands.

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