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A Journey Of An Independent Deaf Artist Mimi Ng

A Journey Of An Independent Deaf Artist Mimi Ng

Mimi Ng, an independent deaf artist shares with us about her passion working in this arts & crafts trade which can be felt deeply. And the most awesome thing about her is her big heart for the deaf. Find out more about her. Mimi Ng Facebook: Follow Deaf Singapore Lah for updates in deaf […]
Chantilly Culinary Studio’s Baking Course For Deafs

Chantilly Culinary Studio’s Baking Course For Deafs

Farrago organised 3-hours baking course for the deafs at Chantilly Culinary Studio in Kovan. Farrago is a club in National Technology University that empowers the deaf through the activities it organises. The deaf jumped at the opportunity of making tiramisu and macarons taught by instructor and founder named Cecilia Mardianah Hough of this baking studio. Born […]
Deaf Brett Grayson’s Experience With CrossFit

Deaf Brett Grayson’s Experience With CrossFit

Brett Grayson has been doing CrossFit for almost three years. Prior to CrossFit, Grayson was always interested in sports but never felt fully included. “Every time I played sports, I always felt like I was on the back burner,” Grayson signs. “I was never able to fully participate.” Being born deaf makes communication difficult, but […]
Zoff Shopping Experience in Singapore

Get Your Remarkable Zoff Eyeglasses In 30 Minutes

Zoff, the Japanese leading eyewear maker, has opened its flagship store at Orchard Central. Although it is a new eyewear brand which just set its shore in Singapore, it is no stranger to the locals in Japan. If you go to Japan, there might have a chance that you will spot a spectacles shop decked […]
Singapore’s Deaf Horticulturist: Alan’s Story

Singapore’s Deaf Horticulturist: Alan Wong’s Story

Singapore’s Deaf Horticulturist Alan Wong, who nurtures plants with full of passion at NYEE PHOE Group (An old-established landscape architecture firm), shares his knowledge on plants with us. Come and join to watch the video on Alan’s powerful superhuman knowledge about names and interesting properties of plants. Address: 240 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718898 Tel: […]