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Zoff, the Japanese leading eyewear maker, has opened its flagship store at Orchard Central.

Although it is a new eyewear brand which just set its shore in Singapore, it is no stranger to the locals in Japan. If you go to Japan, there might have a chance that you will spot a spectacles shop decked in blue which is one of Zoff Singapore’s distinctive features for branding.

Zoff was established in 2001 and since then, 200 stores were set up all over in Japan and China.


Location of Zoff Singapore Store

spectacles singapore

Zoff at Orchard Central

In Singapore, if you walk by their store at Orchard Central, you can be forgiven for thinking that it is some quirky grocery store.


zoff orchard central

Intriguing display of food cans

Indeed, the store is designed to be supermarket-style. Cans of food and drinks line up on shelves.

The difference is that they are not edible. Staff is donned in cute and blue uniform consisting of apron and long-sleeved shirt.


Zoff Smart

zoff smart

Zoff Smart – Lightweight, flexible and tough frames

When it comes to words with “smart”, it gives the impression that it is some high-electronic gadget that can perform functions wirelessly at users’ command. But in this case, it is not.

Zoff Smart is actually the type of indestructible glasses with tough and flexible frames. Wear it to martial arts tournament and it will still be intact and in one piece.

In other words, yes, it is indestructible glasses that cannot be broken when it is bended. It will come back to its original shape after being bended. That makes Zoff’s indestructible glasses amazingly durable and supple.

Zoff Smart is made with Ultem resin, heat-resistant and super-flexible material that is used for the Lunar Rover’s wheel. A Lunar Rover is a 3-wheeled space exploration vehicle for travelling across the surface of the Moon.


light weight frames

6.5g light-weight frames that feels like a ballpoint pen

Not only that, the ultra-lightweight frame, 6.5g that feels like a ballpoint pen, are a boon. It can make a big difference for the spectacle users who have been wearing heavier frames all their lives.

Not only for rough people, the indestructible glasses are just perfect for SAF personnel and fitness enthusiasts who lead active lifestyle. They do not have to worry about their glasses and even do not need to take it off.


indestructible glasses

Zoff Smart available for shades too

Zoff Smart, the indestructible glasses, are the best-selling product at Zoff.


Neat and Simple Pricing System

pricing different tiers

Several pricing different tiers that suit your budget

Prices are clearly indicated and comes in several tiers – $98, $138, $178, $228 and $228.  The best of it, it comes with standard prescription lens.  

So yes, you can shop for the right pair based in your budget in confidence, knowing that you are paying this price.


zoff lens options

Zoff’s Lens Options

Other types of lens such as index lens, tinted, super hard coat and PC are subjected to additional costs.


Zoff PC

zoff pc

Protect your eyes from blue light and reduce eye strain and fatigue with Zoff PC

This type of lenses cut out the blue light that radiates from screens on these electronic gadgets such as televisions, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Obviously, in such digital age, we use these electronic gadgets a lot for checking out social media news feed, reading e-books, watching streamed shows and other things.  As a result, we are over-exposed to blue light which gives out glares on displays.

As a result, the blue light is very bad for our eyes. It can cause all kinds of problems from dry eyes to digital eye strain, sleep cycle disruption, and even macular degeneration.


Eyewear Fashion

fashion eyeglasses

Round-framed spectacles that are the latest trend. Photo credit: Zoff Facebook

Not only the functional eyewear Zoff provides, fashion eyeglasses are available too.  Fashion eyeglasses come in different styles such as round frames that suit your taste.

Round frames are the latest trend for eyewear fashion. This trend spun off from South Korean celebrities who are seen sporting such frames.


disney mouse glasses collection

Disney Mouse Collection

To keep their collections of fashion eyeglasses fresh and kept abreast of fashion trends, they bring in new frames every 2 weeks. One of the collections they have brought in is Disney Mouse eyewear.


Cute Accessories

cat patterned eyewear cloth

Cat-patterned eyewear cloth that can make cat-lovers go gaga

Wipe clothes and cases are no longer limited to plain designs and boring colours.

You can wipe your spectacles with cute cat-patterned clothes. If you love cats, it is for you.


banana pouches

Banana pouches


snazzy lip cases

Snazzy lip cases

Oh, and did I mention that you can keep your spectacles in banana and lip pouches?


Express Service

collect glasses in 30 minutes

Collect glasses in 30 minutes

The glasses can be collected in 30 minutes instead of the standard 3-5 days, depending on certain specifications such as lens type or prescription.

This express service is a life-saver for busy customers who have no time to make 2nd trip for collection, and the impatient customers who want their spectacles now.



If your lenses happens to be scratched or chipped,  just bring your spectacles to the shop and it will be replaced at no charge.

The free replacement  is applicable within 6 months after purchase. There is one-year warranty for the frames too.



In summary, what makes shopping experience unique at Zoff is the following:

  1. Zoff Smart, the indestructible and ultra-light spectacles that are only 6.5g.
  2. Zoff PC that protects your eyes from blue light that can cause from eye strain to potential eye problems.
  3. Fashion eyeglasses that comes in latest trendy styles.
  4. Cute accessories from cat-patterned wipe clothes to banana pouches.
  5. Interesting supermarket concept that is used for Zoff’s interior design at shop that it can be mistaken as the supermarket instead of eyewear shop.
  6. Clearly-indicated prices that comes in different tiers that allows you to shop in confidence. Prices are already inclusive of the frames and basic prescription lenses.  Moreover, prices for other types of lenses are stated upfront.  So customers can shop with a mind of peace without worrying about hidden costs.
  7. Express service that allows you to collect glasses in 30 minutes.


Warranty for frames for one year within the date of purchase.  Lenses can be replaced within 6 months.

Okay, where is Zoff?

Address: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #B1-02/04 Singapore 238896


Facebook: zoffsg

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