Chantilly Culinary Studio’s Baking Course For Deafs

Farrago organised 3-hours baking course for the deafs at Chantilly Culinary Studio in Kovan. Farrago is a club in National Technology University that empowers the deaf through the activities it organises.

The deaf jumped at the opportunity of making tiramisu and macarons taught by instructor and founder named Cecilia Mardianah Hough of this baking studio. Born in South Africa, she is trained in classic European cuisine and has a wealth of experience working in restaurants and hotels.

She believes in keeping her techniques of cooking and baking simple and uses only fresh and natural ingredients.


Chantilly Culinary Studio’s Baking Course: How to Make Tiramisu and Macarons

chantilly culinary baking course

During the baking demo, Cecilia was very patient in sharing knowledge on how to make tiramisu and macarons step by step and also clarified the deaf’s doubts through sign language interpreter.

Hands-On Baking Workshop For Deafs

cecilia chantilly culinary studio

Cecilia demonstrated deafs how to make tiramisu and macarons right from scratch and with efficient care. Every technique is taught diligently, and if they need further help, the kitchen assistant is ready to provide you with it.

Deaf participants watching her demonstration

how to make tiramisu and macarons

Piping Chocolate Granche

piping chocolate granche

It was so fun learning how to make macraons and most importantly, the technique is beginner-friendly that wouldn’t frazzle the aspiring bakers with no experience.

finished bake

Tip: Drop the tray a few times to release air bubbles that might be trapped inside. Else the finished bake wouldn’t turn out to be nice.

Freshly-baked chocolate macraons

baked chocolate macarons

Chill Tiramisu For One Hour

chilled tiramisu

The best thing about tiramisu is that it doesn’t need to be baked. It can be simply made by mixing ingredients.

Following that, it has to be chilled in refrigerator for one hour and after that, it is ready to be enjoyed.

Oh yes, kids can enjoy this cake as there is no alcohol used in this. You don’t have to worry about your kids going tipsy.

baking course for deafs

By taking a class in the studio, you will be filled with taste and color the days you attend the culinary classes and learn your way into baking. Baking can light up our worlds as the cake is almost used on every occasion.

Chantilly Culinary Studio has to take credit for knowing the world of baking and of people’s taste buds. The services and classes they provide are all-inclusive, they have an awesome staff who cooperate with deaf people and even organises bonding classes where you can have fun with your deaf child.

Muslims can learn baking and cookery at her studio too as the studio is committed to keeping the environment at kitchen halal.

Chantilly Culinary Studio

Tel No: +65 6383 2313
Mobile No: +65 9679 6607

Email: cecilia[at]

Address: 21 Simon Road, Singapore 545907


Facebook: chantillyculinarystudiosingapore

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