Deaf Hawker’s Singapore Carrot Cake That Will Make You Go Hungry

Chai Tao Kway, known as carrot cake, is stir-fried with radish cake made from white radish and steamed rice flour. Usually most hawkers always add lard (pig fat) into Singapore carrot cake.


zion riverside food centre singapore

An eye-opening news for you to find out more about a deaf hawker named Mr Peter Goh who is serving fried carrot cake at his stall located at Zion Riveride Food Centre opposite Great World City. And what is so special with his carrot cake?

Absolutely no lard to use at all! Only vegetarian oil is used.  Yes, Muslims and vegetarians can eat Mr Peter Goh’s fried carrot cake.


Fried Black & White Carrot Cake Recipe Without Lard


fried black carrot cake version


A mix of black and white carrot cake with eggs


  • Available in unique version: A mix of black and white carrot cake with eggs
  • Also available in white and black versions
  • Guaranteed NO LARD.


If customers cannot decide which version they want to eat, they can opt for a mix of black and white carrot cake. It is also great to share with friends. Bon Appetit!


Different Best-Selling Fried Singapore Carrot Cake Versions To Try

best-selling fried singapore carrot cake

Prices: Black & White Correct Cake with Eggs ($5-$6-$8) | Carrot Cake with Eggs (Crispy) ($4-$5-$6-$8) | Carrot Cake with Black Sweet Sauce ($4-$5-$6-$8)
*Optional: Add chili


History About Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway Stall

lau goh teochew chye thow kway stall
A humble story to begin with Mr Peter Goh – Many years ago, his father Mr Lau Goh started up the carrot cake business in order to support his family.

Call the stall a brand name – Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway.


deaf peter goh

Throughout his life when Mr Peter was studying, he would help out at his father’s stall and finally mastered the secret skills of stir-frying sensational tasting carrot cake. There was a big opportunistic moment when his father was so keen to pass down his family business to Mr Peter but somehow he was not unconditionally interested.


Mind-Blowing Stall with Photos of Famous Celebrities, Government Figures and Certified Awards

mind-blowing stall with photos of certified awards

Back then, he prefered to continue his job career as a welder in a shipyard. However, his father still expressed his non-stopping objections against his job due to a low terrific pay.

Eventually, Mr Peter decided to give up his welding career and assisted in the business.


“Only the Best” Award by Prominent Food Blogger, ieatishootipost

only the best award by prominent food blogger

When his father passed away, he courageously continued with the business and worked hard on honing his skills further. And he expanded his menu to include black carrot cake to give customers more choices.

Before he added black version to his menu, he fried and served only white version.


singapore carrot cakes review

Food Review:
Tried both white and black carrot cake. Simply exploding textures with generous mouthfills of ‘chai poh’ (dried  preserved radish)! Quite crispy to chew.

Especially black carrot cake, properly coated with egg crust which was slightly charred. Remarkably and softly moist and sweet for an extra kick!

My confession – Not so oily which made me feel less guilty. Thumbs up!


business hours lau goh teochew chye thow kway stall

Judging my own eyes from the extended queue, the stall was actively bustling in serving plates of carrot cake to customers in a couple of minutes since business hours.

Do drop in any comments.

Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway

Address: 70 Zion Road, Stall 26 Zion Riverside Food Centre
Prices: $5 to $8
Opening hours: Monday to Friday | 11.00pm – 3.30pm | 6.00pm – 11.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays | 8.30am – 4.00pm | 6.00pm – 11.00pm

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